Previous Question Bank for all IT Job Exam

1. Computer Fundamental and Hardware

1. How can improve the performance of computer in memory? [Combined Bank, SO(IT) 2020]

2. Optical disk data Read/Write operation [BPSC ANE 2020]

3. Write functions of the CPU in short. [BB IT 2020]

4. What are the building blocks of a digital computer? Describe each unit briefly with their functions.

[38th BCS]

5. Differentiate between system software and application software. [MM AP 2017]

6. Explain the functions of ALU and Control Unit of a computer. [MM AP 2017]

7. “Pentium processor has a superscalar architecture.” Explain the meaning of statement. [MM AP


8. Explain how cache memory is used to increase the processing speed of computer. [MM AP 2017]

9. Write down the necessary components of a USB bus with block diagram. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]

10. What is computer bus? What is the unit of measurement of speed of computer bus? Describe about various types of computer bus. (BKKB AP 2017]

11. Differentiated between cache memory and virtual memory. [BKKB AP 2017]

12. Define system software and application software with three examples of each. [BB AME 2016]

13. Suppose you are entering data into computer but facing some problem with your monitor. You need to buy a new monitor. What factor should you consider in case of monitor? [BB AME 2016]

14. Distinguish between OMR and MICR. [BB AME 2016]

15. Write the difference between RAM and ROM. [BNPS Programmer 2014]

16. Describe what works in a computer's boot-up process. [MEBA AP 2013]

17. What's the bit? How many bits are a terabyte? [MEBA AP 2013]

18. Enter the name and overview of the main hardware components of a computer? [MEBA AP 2013]

19. What are the main differences between software and hardware? Discuss with examples. [MF

Programmer 2013]

20. What is a computer virus? Name of the two softwares that  are used to prevent the virus. [MF Programmer 2013]

21. Write down the features of notebook computers and tablet computers. [MHPW SCO 2013]

22. Difference between ROM and RAM. What are EPROM and EEPROM? [ICT Ministry AP 2017]

2. Data Communication and Computer Networking

1. Given IP address is, administrator wants to create 32 subnets, and then find out subnet mask, number of address of each subnet, first and last address of subnet 1, first and last address of subnet 32. [JBL SO(ANE) 2020]

2. Computer network কী? বিভিন্ন প্রকার Computer network সম্পর্কে আলচনা করুন [BPSC ANE 2020]

3. Difference between Router and Modem. [SPARRSO 2020]

4. Describe different types of computer network. [SPARRSO 2020]

5. What is protocol? Describe TCP/IP protocol in computer network? [SPARRSO 2020]

6. What is firewall? How you can ensure IT security in the computer system? [SPARRSO 2020)

7. Name and draw different type of network Topologies. [BB IT 2020, BBL AM (ICT) 2019]

8. Let your computer is connected to internet through Ethernet. At some point you have found that there is no internet available in your computer. How will you identify where the problem occurs? [BB IT 2020]

9. Computer network 4 router-49 PIG P TTICI CO JA UE vi po 1[40'h BCS 2020]

10. TCP/IP protocol and UDP protocol suit আলোচনা  [40th BCS 2020]

11. Define network topologies with features. [NU AP 2020]

12. RFID has huge applications in business, especially in supply chain management and toll collection system. Show the basic working principle of RFID in brief. (Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]

13. Make a list of LTE Network elements. [Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]

14. The primary function of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is to turn an unreliable network into a reliable network that is free from lost and duplicate packets. What are the functions performed by TCP to make a network more reliable? [Combined Bank, Officer(IT) 2020]

15. What is the function of ARP in TCP / IP? [Combined Bank, SO(IT) 2020]

16. Given IP address what is the subnet mask, network address, broadcast address and total usable host in this network? [NACTAR 2020]

17. What is the function of GGSN? [Combined Bank, SO (IT) 2020]

18. Figure shows synchronous TOM with a data stream for each input and one data stream for the output. The unit of data is 1bit. Find (a) the input bit duration (b) the output bit duration (c) the output bit rate and (d) the output frame rate. (JBL, SO (ANE) 2020]

19. Write short note: Node, Hub, Backbone, Router and Gateway. [BB AME 2019]

20. What is the difference between threat, vulnerability and risk? Explain SSL and TLS. [BB AME


21. What is private IP? List the class B private IP. [BTV AP 2019]

22. Find subnet mask and number of host on each subnet mask at a class B IP is [PSB

AP 2018]

23. Find Network Address, Broadcast Address, Net mask, valid host of the IP: [NESCO

AM (ICT) 2018]

24. Define cloud computing? What is the benefit of cloud computing? [BLPU AP 2018]

25. Define digital signature, digital divider and NAT. [BLPU AP 2018]

26. Determine the Nyquist sampling rate and the Nyquist sampling interval for the signal

X(t)=sin(2100nt) [38h BCS]

27. What is modulation? Describe the pulse code modulation (PCM) technique. State the advantage

and disadvantage of PCM. [38th BCS]

28. A host IP address in a network is written as both and 3FFE:85B:IFIF:: A9:1234

[38th BCS]

29. Which one is IPv6 address? How many bits are used for IPv6 address? How does the above IPv6

address completely with the addressing scheme? [38th BCS]

30. How

many subnets and hosts are to be supported by the above mentioned IPv4 address? [38th BCS]

31. Given an IP address is Find out network address, number of host and subnet

mask. [BWDB AP 2018]

32. What is OSI model? Which layers are important for data transfer and user interaction? [BWDB AP


33. What is the difference between DNS server and caches? What is the importance of DNS cache in

World Wide Web? [BWDB AP 2018]

34. Explain the component of Data Center. [ABL SO (IT) 2017]

35. Show the translation process of a NAT Box. [ABL Officer (ICT) 2017]

36. How many subnets and hosts per subnet can you get from the network [BB AME


37. Write short notes on DHCP and SMTP. [BB AME 2017]

38. A block address is granted to a small organization. If one of the addresses is,

what is the first and last address of the block? [MM AP 2017]

39. Explain the terms Domains, Bandwidth, Broadcast and Multicast. [MM AP 2017]

40. Consider a noiseless channel with a bandwidth of 3 KHz transmitting a signal with two signal

levels. What is the maximum bit rate? [MM AP 2017]

41. What is data communication? Define Simplex, half duplex and full duplex. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]

42. Discuss about ISO, OSI and TCP/IP model with figure. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]

43. Briefly discus about Hub, Router, Switch, Gateway, and Bridge. [BCSCL NE 2017]

44. Given network address Divide the network address four equal subnet. Write down

each subnet address, start address, subnet mask and broadcast address. [BCSCL NE 2017]

45. What is circuit switch and packet switch? Which switch is better and why? [BCSCL NE 2017]

46. 4. Differentiate between client server network and peer-to-peer network. [PSC Lecturer 2017]

47. What is data communication? Describe about three modes of data transmission. [BKKB AP 2017]

48. What are the difference between Web server and Application server? [IBBL AD 2017]

49. Distinguish between TCP and UDP. [3 7th BCS)

50. What do we need a static private IP address and what are the advantages? [37th BCS]

51. What is Modulation and demodulation? Write down five uses? [BCSCL NE 2017]

52. Differentiate between Intranet and Extranet. [BB AME 2016]

53. What is main difference between Domain and Workgroup? [BB AP 2016]

54. What is the difference between layer 2 and 3 network switch? [ICT AP 2014]

55. State the advantage and disadvantage of voice band and broadband? [ICT AP 2014]

56. What is meant by the term link in case of network? [MHFP SCO 2014]

57. Describe about twisted pair, co-axial and fiber optic cable. [BNPS Programmer 2014]

58. What is network? What is sub-netting? When and why sub-netting used? [ICT M AP 2014]

59. What is modulation? Write the necessary of modulation? [BTEB Instructor 2014]

60. Define satellite. Write down the name of five satellite orbits? [BTEB Instructor 2014]

61. What is 4G in Information Technology? What are the benefits in this Technology? (BTEB Instructor 2014]

3. Programming

1. Linear search (Searching algorithm) which is used to find whether a given number is present in an

array and if it is present then at what location it occurs. (Using any programming language).

[Combined Bank, SO(IT) 2020]

2. X is an integer stream of N numbers. You have to select 2 data P and Q such that A<= (P+Q) <=B.

Write an algorithm / pseudo code/ C program how many ways you can select P & Q. The time complexity must be n log n. [Combined 4 Bank, AP 2020]

3. Write a Program to check for balanced parenthesis in an expression. (JBL, SO (ANE) 2020]

4. Formatted Input/Output Statement কাকে বলে? Key-Board থেকে কিভাবে input নেয়া যায়? %d এর অর্থ কী? [BPSC ANE 2020]

5. Recursion কী? Recursion পদ্ধতির একটি Sample C-programming 97 এরCode লিখুন[BPSC ANE 2020]

6. if......else statement এর format লিখ+++..+n সিরিজ টির যোগফল নির্ণয়ের জন্য C language একটি প্রোগ্রাম লিখুন [BPSC ANE 2020]

7. What are the main objectives of structured programming? Write two advantages of structured Programming. [SPARRSO 2020]

8. Object oriented programming- 47 এর প্রেক্ষিতে  function overloading বলতেকিবুঝায়? Function-overloading এর একটি উদাহরন দিন? [40th BCS 2020]

9. Write down the difference between Compiler and Interpreter. [40th BCS 2020]

10. After compilation and execution, what will be output in the following code: [DPDC 2020]

int main() {

int i=-3, j=1, k=0, m;

m=++i || ++j && ++k;

printf("%d,%d,%d, %d", i, j, k, m);

return 0;

11. Difference between ++i and i++. [NU AP 2020]

12. Difference between Overloading and Overriding. [NU AP 2020]

13. Inheritance is one of important issues for any object oriented programming language. The main advantage of Inheritance is the ability to reuse the code. Explain in brief different types of Inheritance. [Combined Bank, Officer(IT) 2020]

14. An employee's total weekly pay is calculated by multiplying the hourly wage and number of regular hours plus any overtime pays which in turn is calculated as total overtime hours multiplied by 1.5 times the hourly wage. Write a program that takes as inputs the hourly wage, total regular hours, and total overtime hours and prints an employee's total weekly pay. (Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]

15. Insertion sort is a simple sorting algorithm. Write a program to sort some given numbers using insertion sort algorithm. [Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]

16. Write a C program: 1+2n+3n+4n+……… +n" (where n>0). [NACTAR 2020]

17. Find the error of given code [5 Bank AME 2019] 

unsigned int i; 

for (i=100; i<=0; --i)

printf("%d", i);

18. Difference between compiler and interpreter with example? [BCC Programmer 2019]

19. Briefly Describe Abstraction, Encapsulation. (BCC Programmer 2019]

20. Write a program in C to find the sum of following series : 12+22+32+....+n? [BCC Programmer2019]

21. What is the output of following code (BCC Programmer 2019]


void main () {

char *f [] = { "Ronaldo", "Messi", "Zidan", "Maradona"}, str[20];

printf("%s\n", f[1] +2);

printf("%s", f[2] +1);

22. A prime number is a number that is evenly divided by only me and it. Write a program to your favorite language to print the first 100 prim numbers. [BCC Programmer 2019]

23. What is CLR in .NET framework? List the components of .NET Framework. (BTV AP 2019)

24. Difference between getch() and getche (). What is file pointer in C? [BBL AM (ICT) 2019]

25. How many bits have to change to convert int A to int B. Sample A=31 and B=14. [CB AP2018]

26. Write down the sudo-code that accepts I, n is integer and value as input, store all n integers in an array, called pairs and return all pairs where the summation of individuals pair=value. [BB SO(IT/ICT) 2018]

Input Output


{1,5}, {7,-1}

1 7 - 15 - 7


27. Difference between call by value and call by reference with example. [PSB AP 2018]

28. Find the output of following program. [PSB AP 2018]

i) int main() {                                    ii) int main() {

int n = 10;                                              inti = 2, j = 2;

for (;;)                                                    while(i?--i:j++)

printf("%d", n);                                      printf("%d",i);

return 0;                                                  return 0;

}                                                              }

29. Explain feature of OOP with example. [PSB Programmer 2018]

30. What is main difference Destructor and constructor with example? [PSB Programmer 2018]

31. What do you mean by Polymorphism and Inheritance in object oriented programming (OOP)?

Give appropriate example. [PBL SO 2018]

32. What is looping? Why use looping? Give a proper example. [BCPSC AP 2018

33. What is the basic difference between looping and branching? [BCPSC AP 2018]

34. Find the output of following program. [PSB Programmer 2018]

i) int main() {


for (i=0; i<5; i++)

if (i==3)


printf ("%d\n", i);

return 0;


ii) int main() {

char str[120]= "Digital Bangladesh";

int n;

n = strlen (str);

str[4] "10":

printf("%s", str);

return 0;


35. Write the difference between throw and throws using Exception handling? [PBL SO 2018]

36. Write a program where a number is Prime or not. [BLPU AP 2018]

37. Write a program to store information using structures with dynamically memory allocation. [38th BCS]

38. Why are the following two overloaded functions inherently ambiguous? (38th BCS]

int f (int a, int b=5);

int f(int &a)

39. Write a c program to verify a perfect number. Perfect number is a positive integer which is equal to the sum of its proper positive divisors. [BWDB AP 2018]

40. Write a java program using 2D array and array output will be: [BWDB AP 2018]



1 2 3

1 2 3 4

41. Write simple java program to convert string into camel case and display camel case string. [BWDBAP 2018]

42. What will be the output of following program? [BWDB AP 2018]

using namespace std;

class A{


int a;

int b;

void set_a (int a) {



//set value of b

void set_b(int b) {




void getValues (int x, int y) {

set_a (x); //calling private number

set_b(x); //calling private number


void putValues() {

//printing values of private data member

cout<< "a=" << a <<" ,b=" << b <<endl;


int main() {

AobjA; //creating object

//set values to class data members

objA.getValues (100,200);

objA.putValues(); //print values

return 0;



43. Consider a base class Shape and its derived class Rectangle. Design a code inheritance code using C++.[BWDB AP 2018]

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

// Base class

class Shape


void setWidth (int w) {

width = w;

void setHeight (int h) {

height = h;



int width;

int height;


// Derived class

class Rectangle: public Shape {

public:intgetArea () {

return (width*height);



int main (void) {

Rectangle Rect;

Rect.setWidth (5);

Rect.setHeight (7);

// Print the area of the object.

cout<< "Total area: <<Rect.getArea () <<endl;

return 0;


44. Find the output below following code. [BWDB AP 2018]

public class Test {

public static void main(String[] args) {

String s1 "testi";

String s2 new String ("test1");


String s3 = new String ("test1");

System.out.println (s2==53);

s3 = s1;

System.out.println (s3==s1);



45. A program sorts an array of integer. Write down the code that tests the sorting algorithm  [written BDB SO (IT) 2017]

46. Write a program using any programming language that reads five numbers from keyboard and display the smaller, larger and average of those numbers. [BDB SO (IT) 2017]

47. Write a program to read the coordinates of the end points of a line and to find its length. Use a structured variable name 'Line' to store the relevant information about its end points. [MM AP 2017]

48. Write a program in C++ to calculate the sum of the series: 1+(1+2)+(1+2+3)+...+(1+2+...+n). [MM AP 2017]

49. Write а program in C with recursive function to compute the value X" where n is a positive integer

and x has real value. [MM AP 2017]

50. Draw a flowchart of ax2+bx+c=0 through C/C++ program. [PSC Lecturer 2017]

51. What is trigger? Write a code for auto increment sequence and trigger. [DBBL PO 2017]

52. What is the difference among String, String Buffer and String Builder? [DBBL PO 2017]

53. Write a java program based on following conditions: There is one Circle class and one Cylinder

Class. Circle class has an area function. Cylinder Class has to Circle area*height). Use inheritance to calculate Volume of Cylinder. [DBBL PO 2017]

54. Write a structured program to display Fibonacci series up to 100 Numbers. [BB AP 2016]

55. Write a C/C++ program to calculate factorial of any integer? [ICT AP 2014]

56. What is multi-tasking, multi programming, multi-threading? [JB AME 2012]

4. Data Structure and Algorithm


1. Queue is an abstract data structure. A queue is open at both its ends. One end is always used to insert data (enqueue) and the other is used to remove data (dequeue). Write the steps of Enqueue Operation of Queue. [Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]

2. There are no well-defined standards for writing algorithms. Efficiency of an algorithm depends on several factors. Similarly, complexity of an algorithm also depends of several factors. Describe the algorithm complexity factors. [Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]

3. Explain Binary Search Tree operation. [Combined Bank, SO (IT) 2020]

4. Usually, recursion involves a function calling itself until specified condition is met and it is very useful to find out the factorial. Write a recursive algorithm to find the factorial of a number.

[Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]

5. যেকোন একটা array নাও, সেই array থেকে একটি সংখ্যার binary search করার step গুলো লিখ এবং এর time complexity কত হবে তা বের কর (DPDC 2020]

6. Write code to test a sorting algorithm of array? [5 Bank AME 2019]

7. Advantage and complexity of Marge sort, Heap sort, Insertion sort. [BBL AM (ICT) 2019]

8. Describe infix conversion method. [BBL AM (ICT) 2019]

9. A program sorts an array of integer. Write down the code that tests the sorting algorithm of written in a program. [CB AP 2018]

10. Write an algorithm to find a node in a binary search tree. [PSB AP 2018]

11. Difference between linear and nonlinear data structure. [PSB ADA 2018]

12. Write Algorithm of Fibonacci series. [PSB Programmer 2018]

13. Draw a graph to find the shortest path to transmit power. (i) Calculates the average cost. (NESCO AM (ICT) 2018]

14. Find Pre-order, in order, post order from following image. [EPB Programmer 2018]

15. A list of numbers 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17 is stored in sequence. Which of the following data structure will have the least data movement when the number 11 is removed from the list? FIFO, QUEUE, HEAP, Linked list and stack. Justify your answer. [38th BCS]

16. Explain the instructions LDS, PUSHF, TEST and CLD. [MM AP 2017]

17. What is algorithm? Write down the algorithm to find out the second highest element in an n Element array. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]

18. Difference between stacks and queue with example. [PSC Lecturer 2017]

19. Calculate Complexity of merge sort. [IBBL AD 2017]

20. Write an algorithm that sort an array, also test code for sorting test. [IBBL AD 2017]

21. Why do we use stack? Differentiate between linked list and array? (BNPS AP 2017]

22. Illustrate singly linked list, doubly linked list and circular linked list with diagram. [BNPS AP 2017]

23. Write down time complexities of different sorting algorithm. [DBBL PO 2017]

24. Explain BFS Traversal of a graph with an example. [DBBL PO 2017]

25. Find time and space complexity like below pseudo code. [BB AP 2016]

26. Write prefix and postfix notations from the statement like ((A+B)*C-(D-E)^F) [BB AP 2016]

27. What data structure? Give the example of linear data structure. [BNPS Programmer 2014]

28. Differentiate between array and linked list. (BNPS Programmer 2014]

29. What is binary search tree? Draw a BST using following data: 18, 22, 7, 23, 25 and 37. [BNPS

Programmer 2014]

30. What is flowchart? Draw a flowchart to finding out biggest number between two numbers. [BNPS Programmer 2014]

31. Write an algorithm for multiplication two matrixes? [BTEB Instructor 2014]

32. Using 8, 10, 26, 2, 78, 102, 115 data make a binary search tree. [DIP ME 2014]

33. How to work Bubble Short? Shorting this data using Bubble short:(68, 27, 56, 13, 87, 42, 66)

[MHPW SCO 2013]

34. What is Data structure? Difference between stack and queue? [MHPW SCO 2013]

35. Show the various passes of bubble sort on an unsorted list 5,2,1,4,3,7,6 [JB AME 2012]

36. Write an algorithm to inserting into a Linear Array. [JB AME 2012]

5. Digital Electronics

1. F=
+ AB͞͞C + AB͞  C + ĀBC + ABC, Simplify using K-map with logic circuit. [JBL, SO (ANE) 

2. লজিক গেইটকী? মৌলিক লজিক গেইট কয়টি কী কী? সত্যক সারণি সহ আলোচনা করুন [BPSC ANE 2020]

3. R-S Flip-flop সত্যক সারণি বৈশিষ্ট্য আলোচনা করুন [BPSC ANE 2020]

4. Simply the following function: ABCD +ĀBD +ABCD [DPDC 2020]

5. (i) (1AC) 16 = (?) and (?)10 

   (ii) What is the Excess-3 code of 1010? [DPDC 2020]

6. How will realize a AND gate and an OR gate using a CMOS NAND gate? [BB AME 2019]

7. Circuit Expression Solved by CMOS. [BBL AM (ICT) 2019]

8. Define logic gate. Solve this equation using AND, or and NOT gate. [BBL AM (ICT) 2019]

9. Draw a truth table that satisfies the above-mentioned equation. [38th BCS]

Y= AB͞  CD͞  +ABC͞+ĀBD+ AB͞  CD

10. Simplify the equation by using K-map: f(A, B, C) = ĀBC͞  +ĀBC+ ͞AB͞͞͞  C+ABC [38th BCS]

11. Draw circuit diagram for the simplified equation by using basic gates. Calculate the number of basic gates required for implementing the simplified circuit. [38th BCS]

12. Why binary logic is used for digital system? [BWDB AP 2018]

13. What is the difference between flip-flop and latch with figure? [BWDB AP 2018]

14. What is synchronous? Why sequential circuit use synchronization. [BWDB AP 2018]

15. What is the difference between latch and flip-flop? [BB AME 2017]

16. Convert (2345)10 to hexadecimal and (ABCD16 to octal number. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]

17. Draw a full adder that is made of two half adder and find out the function of output of that full adder. [PSC Lecturer 2017]

18. What is the functionality of multiplexer? Draw a 4-to-1-line multiplexer and its truth table and describe its functionality. [PSC Lecturer 2017]

19. What are Multiplexer and de-multiplexer? Name five application of multiplexer. [BCSCL NE 2017]

20. What do you mean by Truth table, characteristics table and Excitation table? [DIP ME 2014]

21. What is Unicode? What is the reason for using Unicode? [DIP ME 2014]

22. Describe the binary and hexadecimal numbering methods with numerical examples. [MF

Programmer 2013]

23. Draw J-K Flip Flop [JB AME 2012]

24. Show NAND and NOR gates are universal gates. [JB AME 2012]

6. Web Technology


1. HTML – CSS কী[BPSC ANE 2020]

2. "”-discuss different parts of this web address. [BB IT 2020]

3. HTTPs কীভাবে একটি website- এর সুরক্ষা দেয় ?ব্লক ডায়াগ্রামের মাধ্যমে উত্তর দিন I

4. Discuss the necessary of using application framework in web application development. [BB AME


5. How do you change the value of a HTML element using HTML DOM? [5 Bank AME 2019]

6. MVC কী ?এর সুবিধা গুলো লিখুন I BPSC ANE 2020]

7. Write down the description of <header><footer><section><article> tag of new HTML5. [5 Bank

AME 2019]

8. Differentiate between .ajax(), get() and load() function of jquery with necessary example. [5 BankAME 2019]

9. Write down the name of HTML5 media tag. [CB AP 2018]

10. Suppose you've a javaScript code name as “bankScript" write the code for loading in HTML

using JS. [PBL SO 2018]

11. What is MVC? Write down the MVC design pattern. [PBL SO 2018]

12. Which is the shortcut symbol of Jquery? [BCPSC AP 2018]

13. What is an Internet cookie? Why it is use? [BCPSC AP 2018)

14. What is canvas HTML? What is difference between canvas and SVG? [ICB AP 2017]

15. What is closure in JavaScript? Explain with an example? [ICB AP 2017]

16. What is the working procedure of AJAX? [ABL SO (IT) 2017]

17. What is local Storage and session Storage in HTML5? [ABL Officer (ICT) 2017]

18. What are the important steps to secure a web server? [BB AME 2017]

19. What is session hijacking and how to encrypt username and password in PHP? [BB AME 2017]

20. How many times HTML Tag is used web pages? How can your comments at web pages so that browser not read this? [BB AP 2016]

7. Database Management system


1. A transaction consists of a sequence of query and/or update statements. SQL statement must be required to end the transaction. List the SQL statements, required to end the transaction and also write their functions. [Combined Bank, Officer(IT) 2020]

2. Main components of SQL are DDL (Data definition Language). DML (Data Manipulation Language) and DCL (Data Control Language). Give some examples of DDL, DML and DCL commands. [Combined Bank, Officer(IT) 2020]

3. DBMS কী? একটি database কে normalize করার পদ্ধতি গুলো বর্ণনা করুন [BPSC ANE 2020]

4. What is database? What are uses of database in office administration? [BB IT 2020]

5. DBMS বলতে কী বুঝানো হয় ?DBMS শ্রেণিবিন্যাস বর্ণনা করুন[40th BCS 2020)

6. Write down the difference between Authentication and Authorization. [40th BCS 2020]

7. Given a database schema and worker table with fully code: Now writes SQL Query from thefollowing questions. [DPDC 2020]

(i) Write a query to get distinct name

(ii) Write a query to get the first three letter of first_name column from worker table.

8. Write down Integrity rules in database. [NU AP 2020]

9. Write down SQL Query: (a) commission greater than 10% (b) Remove duplicate data from table. [NU AP 2020]

10. Database Query: Given two table COURSE (Course_ID, Course_name, Chief_ID) and

INSTRUCTOR (Instructor ID, Course_ID, Salary, Joining_date). Write down database query Average salary for different courses. [NACTAR 2020]

11. Explain the concept distributed DBMS. What are the features of DBMS? [BB AME 2019]

12. Design a database of student with the gpa of a university. Find the top 10% gpa holder from the different department of the university. [5 Bank AME 2019]

13. What is the difference between primary key and candidate key? Explain the foreign key with an example. [BCC Programmer 2019]

14. What is SQL injection? How many ways to prevent it? [BTV AP 2019]

15. What is normalization? Explain composite key with example. [BTV AP 2019]

16. What in inner join? Explain with syntax and example. [BTV AP 2019]

17. Describe Database ACID properties. [BBL AM (ICT) 2019]

18. Difference between primary key, foreign key and candidate key. [CB AP 2018]

19. Write a query to select top 10% row from grade table. [CB AP 2018]

20. Define weak Entity? What are the difference between primary key and super key? [PSB

Programmer 2018]

21. Suppose you've “X-Bank Account, and there are three statement (Real State, Bank Account, Insurance) and bank account have another two Insurance (Saving, Current), Now how can you do increase real estate? Draw the UML Design. [PBL SO 2018]

22. Suppose you've a method name “total Amount" and there three properties (transaction Name, transaction Type, amount). Write down the full code using JAVA where total Amount method return total balance after debit or credited. [PBL SO 2018]

23. Suppose you've two table(Employee, Department) in a Database and Employee table three cell

(emp_name, dept_id, salary) also Department table two cell (dept_id, dept_name), now update the salary 10% increase value from Department table. Give the appropriate example. [PBL SO 2018]

24. Difference between Super Key and UNIQUE constraint key? [PBL SO 2018]

25. Write an SQL query to insert a tuple in the table: Employee (ID, Name, Designation, and Salary). [NESCO AM (ICT) 2018]

26. What is the SQL command used to fetch first 3 characters name from employees? [BCPSC AP 2018]

27. Describe Database Schema and data directory with example. [EPB Programmer 2018]

28. What is database security? Describe different approaches to ensure database security. [38th BCS]

29. What is the SQL query for showing only the duplicate lists in student (id, name, gpa) table? [ABL Officer (ICT) 2017]

30. What is database? What is DBMS? Write the full meaning of DDL and DML. [BKKB AP 2017]

31. Given two tables are employee (id, name, salary, dept_id) and department (dept_id, dept name),

Write a SQL to find MAX salary and AVERAGE Salary for Specific department. [DBBL PO 2017]

32. Define 'integrity rules' of database systems. Write a SQL query to get the second highest salary from Employee table. [BB AP 2016]

33. What is database? State the RDBMS with example? [ICT AP 2014]

34. Explain the one to many relationships with E-R diagram? [ICT AP 2014]

35. Draw an E-R diagram of hotel management. [BNPS Programmer 2014]

36. What is a database? Discuss the importance of database. [MF Programmer 2013]

37. What do you mean by atomicity and aggregation? [JB AME 2012]

38. What is Data warehouse? Why We Need Data Warehouse? Advantages & Disadvantages of Data warehouse. (CB AP 2018)

39. Explain data warehouse with figure. Describe fact table & dimension table with example. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]

40. Compare between TPS and DSS. [BB SO (IT/ICT) 2018]

8. Operating System


1. Operating system (OS) scheduling is the key concept of multiprogramming. List and briefly define the major types of OS scheduling. (Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]

2. What is page and block? Draw simple block diagram of SSD, page and block. [Combined Bank  [SO(IT) 2020]

3. Cache Memory কী ? Computer এর main memory এর সাথে এর পার্থক্যকী? [BPSC ANE 2020]

4. A, B two resources. Two processes (P1 and P2) share these resources. When a process request fora resources, if that resource is free then it will be allocated with that resources. If the resources arenot free then the process will halt. Now the scenario is: [DPDC 2020]

·         Pl request A

·         P2 request B

·         Pl request B

·         P2 request A

5. Define FCFS, SJF and RR algorithm (Quantum=20). [NU AP 2020]

6. Turnaround time of FCFS and SJF. [NU AP 2020]

7. What is the difference between micro kernel and macro kernel? What is the sub components off/on manager in Windows NT? [BB AME 2019]

8. Congestion Control ? [BPSC ANE 2020]

9. What is operating System? What are the main components of operating System? [BCC Programmer2019]

10. What is multitasking and multithreading? What are the advantage threads over process? [BCC Programmer 2019]

11. What is access time and transfer time? (BTV AP 2019]

12. What is deadlock? Describe the way of detecting and protecting deadlock. [38th BCS]

13. What are the relationship between operating system and computer hardware? [38th BCS]

14. Explain Type 1 and Type 2 hypervisors in virtual machine operating system with figure. [ABL SO (IT) 2017)

15. Explain in ode data structures in Linux OS. [ABL SO (IT) 2017]

16. If main memory access time is 100ns, cache access time is 50 ns, cache hit rate is 90% then what

is the average time to read from memory? [BB AME 2017]

17. Explain the functionalities of operating system. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]

18. What is the difference between preemptive and non-preemptive scheduling? [3 7th BCS]

19. What is again? What is it used in Operating system? (37th BCS]

20. How does dynamic memory allocation help in managing data? [37th BCS)

21. What is again? Why is it used in operating system? [BNPS AP 2017]

22. How does dynamic memory allocation help in managing data? (BNPS AP 2017]

23. What is the difference between RAID level 2 and RAID level 3? [ICT AP 2014]

24. A disk pack has 19 surfaces and storage area on each surface has an outer diameter of 33cm and inner diameter of 22cm. The maximum recording storage density on any track is 200 bits/cm and minimum spacing between tracks, 0.25 mm, then how to calculate the capacity of disk pack?[ICT AP 2014]

25. What is cache memory? Write a detailed explanation of the differences between primary memory and cache memory. [DIP ME 2014]

26. What is the difference between general operating system and distributed operating system?

[MHPW SCO 2013]

27. Illustrate the differences between a computer's operating system and an application system. [MEBAAP 2013]

28. Enter FAT and NTFS in full. Enter the main features of the Linux operating system. [MHPW SCO2013]

29. You have created a file containing 1 million characters. Suppose you want to save the file in ASCII format. How much memory space in MB in needed to store the file? [BB AME 2016]

30. What is FAT? Name of different types of File allocation system in HD. [IBBL AD 2017]

9. Software Engineering 

1. Software development
এর ধাপ সমূহ সম্পর্কে বর্ণনা করুন [BPSC ANE 2020]

2. Software Engineering-এর প্রেক্ষিতে পাঁচটি ভিন্ন ভিন্ন design pattern এর নাম লিখুন[40h BCS 2020]

3. Integration testing and Beta testing difference [40th BCS 2020]

4. Explain the main step of Software development life cycle (SDLC). [40th BCS 2020]

5. Software –এর প্রেক্ষিতে data এবং information সম্পর্কে বর্ণনা করুন[40" BCS 2020]

6. Testing is an activity that is performed to verify correct behavior of a program. Testing should be conducted in all the stages of program development. Describe different types of tests conducted in the implementation stage. [Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]

7. What Difference between black box and white box testing? [PSB Programmer 2018]

8. Write the agile method components for Software development. [PBL SO 2018]

9. Define software security? Challenge of software security. [BLPU AP 2018]

10. Difference Black box and White box testing. [EPB Programmer 2018]

11. Describe different techniques use the risk analysis of software development. [38th BCS]

12. Difference between black box and white box testing. (ICB AP 2017]

13. What is software testing and name of some testing tool? (IBBL AD 2017]

14. How to do beta testing on software testing? [DIP ME 2014]

15. What is Software Piracy? What is the difference between freeware and open source software? [MHPW SCO 2013]

16. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of open source software. [MHPW SCO 2013]

17. What do you understand by the software? Critically discuss the classification of software? [ECBAP 2012]

10. Discrete Mathematics

1. Propositional logic Predicate Logic উদাহরণসহ বর্ণনা করুন  [BPSC ANE 2020]

2. What is tautology? A statement like AB)^A] →A was given and said to prove it is a tautology by using truth table. [BB AP 2016]

3. A full joint probability distribution for the Toothache, Cavity and catch world is given below. [33 BCS]

11. Microprocessor

1. General purpose Microprocessor- program counter কী? Program counter এর ব্যাবহার লিখুন [40" BCS2020]

2. Describe addressing mode of 8086 Microprocessors. [BB AME 2017]

3. Difference between microprocessor and micro-controller. [MM AP 2017]

4. What are the advantages of microcontroller over microprocessors? [ICT AP 2014]

5. What do you mean by 32-bit microprocessor? [MHFP SCO 2014]

6. What is the work of Microprocessor? What are the characteristics of a dependable Microprocessor? [BTEB Instructor 2014]

7. Draw the 8086 CPU (BIU and EU)? [JB AME 2012]

8. How many interrupts are there in 8085? Discuss. [JB AME 2012

9. Write a program to reverse the given string for 8086. [JB AME 2012]

10. What is pipelining? How does pipeline implementation make faster instruction execution? [38th BCS]

11. How does an interrupt can be enabled? What are the steps that occur when an interrupt is processed? [38th BCS]

12. Artificial Intelligence


1. What is artificial Neural Network (ANN)? Based on ANN, describe input & hidden layer, weight and activation function. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]

2. Draw a non-linear model for a diagram used in a neural network and write down each of its basic element equations? [BTEB Instructor 2014]


13. E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

1. -কমার্স কী? -কমার্সের প্রকারভেদ উল্লেখ করুন সার্চ ইঞ্জিন কী? এর কয়েকটি উদাহরণ দিন [BPSC ANE 2020]

2. What is E-Commerce? What are the types of E-commerce? [NESCO AM (ICT) 2018]

3. Difference between e-commerce and m-commerce. [371h BCS]

4. What are barrier of e-commerce? [37th BCS)

5. What is e-governance? [ICT M AP 2014]

6. Why cryptography and public key infrastructure are important to e-commerce? [BNPS AP 2017]


14. Miscellaneous (Technology)

1. ‘Knowledge’ কী? Human Knowledge কে Computer প্রকাশ করার একটি flow diagram দেখান [BPSC ANE 2020]

2. Explain terms: (i) CAD and CAL (ii) Cookies and Trojan horse [BB IT 2020]

3. How computer Architecture is characterized. What are the 5 stages of the DLX pipeline? [BB AME2019]

4. Write down different stage of data mining? [5 Bank AME 2019]

5. In an excel sheet cell A1, A2, A3, A4 contains the value of power generation by four plants. Write

a function in A5 to show the average of best three power plants. [NESCO AM (ICT) 2018]

6. What is the difference between battery and capacitor? [BB AME 2017]

7. Derive the Escape Velocity equation? [BCSCL NE 2017]

8. Define satellite. Write the name of five satellite orbits? (BCSCL NE 2017]

9. Define source voltage and source current. Why it is called dependent and independent source?[BCSCL NE 2017]

10. Draw a common emitter BJT circuit and explain. [BCSCL NE 2017]

11. What is image processing? Where it is uses? [BTEB Instructor 2014]

12. What is Multimedia? What does a video conference mean and how does it work? [DIP ME 2014]

13. Describe about Firewalls, Microcontroller, COCOMO, Query Optimization, Genetic algorithm and UML. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]

14. How a-ß pruning is better than minimal search in game planning? Describe with example. (ICT Ministry AP 2017]

15. What is public key encryption? Explain digital signature with example. [ICT Ministry AP 2017]

16. What is cardinality and modality? [BB AP 2016]

15. Others

1. Make a list of banking software used in Bangladesh. List the essential features for successful Banking Software and Apps. [Combined Bank, Officer (IT) 2020]

2. How would you test an ATM in a banking system? [BB AME 2019]

3. A 3phase 12 pole alternator running at 500 rpm supplying power to an 8 pole induction motor. If ship is 3% what is the full load speed of the motor? [BB AME 2019]

4. How would you test an ATM in a distributed system? [5 Bank AME 2019]

5. Write down the use case diagram for ATM. [CB AP 2018]

6. If 10 people meet each other and each shakes hands only once with each of the others, how many handshakes will there be? [PBL SO 2018]

7. Write the use cases of withdrawing money for ATM card. [ABL Officer (ICT) 2017]

8. Write 5 popular names of web browser and also 5 popular search engines? (BTEB Instructor 2014]

9. What is antivirus? Name some popular antivirus names. [DIP ME 2014]

10. How to Animate Microsoft PowerPoint Slides? How to add an image to a slide? [DIP ME 2014]

The Solutions of all these Questions are coming Soon!  

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