Cyber Security Goals

The objective of Cybersecurity is to protect information from being stolen, compromised or attacked.

·         Protect the confidentiality of data.

·         Preserve the integrity of data.

·         Promote the availability of data for authorized users.


Confidentiality is roughly equivalent to privacy and avoids the unauthorized disclosure of information. It involves the protection of data, providing access for those who are allowed to see it while disallowing others from learning anything about its content. It prevents essential information from reaching the wrong people while making sure that the right people can get it. Data encryption is a good example to ensure confidentiality.


Integrity refers to the methods for ensuring that data is real, accurate and safeguarded from unauthorized user modification. It is the property that information has not be altered in an unauthorized way and that source of the information is genuine.


Availability is the property in which information is accessible and modifiable in a timely fashion by those authorized to do so. It is the guarantee of reliable and constant access to our sensitive data by authorized people.

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